The holiday

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am sitting by my chilly front window watching the sun shine on the wealth of snow we have. The weather decided it was time for winter to show up! Forecasters predicted three inches; we got eight. My street is snowpacked. Hopefully the main roads are clear for someone to head to school tomorrow. Guess we will see who is driving. 
What did we do this week? Holidays make things a little different. Amanda had two days of classes and then headed to Long Island to spend the time off with her friend's family. Sounds like it was full of food, family, shopping and fun. They are headed back to campus today to finish out the semester. 
Serra had the entire week off and for the first three days kept to her schedule of getting up in the morning. I suppose having adventures out on two of those days helped. The last half of the break has been spent snuggling into one form of comfortable space or another with being cozy and lazy. Monday begins the three week push to the end of the semester and we have some college things to do.
I had the same break time as Amanda from work and spent some it working anyway. Thanksgiving has never been a favorite holiday beyond having another day of football. I needed to get the summer files off my brain and the summer project needed finishing, so Friday was a full day for me. Just like the girls, it is a busy three week push to the end of year. The offices are closed during limbo week however it makes the time leading up to it busier than usual. 
You would think with all of the extra time I would get more crafting accomplished! In a way I did. Finishing the summer project was a big deal to me. Pattern writing will happen tomorrow. The tapestry received an extra day, spent time each with Roy and Rumple, and knitted three more hexies. I am starting to brainstorm about how to work the joins on them and wondering if I need to dye some yarn for it. Another color on the breakfast, or kitchen spin is finished.
I started plying it this weekend and have the next color pulled out. I also started another random, keep my hands busy knit and broke a needle! Rashly I jumped online and replaced it but that is what happens when your favorite needle brand is closing down shop. I absolutely adore Signature Needles and am sad to see them go. Their stiletto tips are perfect for lace.
As for me, time has slowed way down, and it is hard to believe that last Sunday was only one week ago. Days may be shorter, but I have a ton of time in each of them. I'm sure getting up at four in the morning contributes to that, but I also have the energy and go to sustain the long hours I keep. There are things I need to get back to, to keep feeling good and I will because I have so much time. Overall, each day is overflowing. It doesn't mean there aren't bumps or ruts in the path, there still are. Now they aren't the end of the world roadblocks that they used to feel like. I can do this.
Next week! Back to a full week with classes, early morning jazz rehearsals and work to take care of. Throw in a couple of appointments, paperwork to take care of, craft and hopefully a call from the kid and that will make it a full week. Breathe, glow, be, smile, Love, embrace the fullness of the moment, and I'll be back next week :)

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