The last Sunday of the year

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining brightly in my corner of the Fort. No snow or weather of any kind for that matter graced us for the holiday. Even though it's not cold a pot of chili is bubbling as Amanda has missed home cooking.
What did we do this week? Serra has been enjoying the time off with sleep, Animal Crossing on the Switch and time with friends. She has also enjoyed invading Amanda's personal space.  Another round of hair dye has taken her from a great purple to black which does disguise its growth better than the blonde a few months ago did.
Amanda finished her last final Monday morning and packed up for the trip back. Layover in Chicago got extended with delays, but the important part was that she made it. Even if it ended up being at midnight. We've already had food from her two favorite Mexican restaurants in and she says she's eaten more in the past three days than she did for the month of December. 
I thought perhaps that crafts had been quiet until I realized I started a new spin on Rumple, have been tatting on a doily and had Serra pick out some sock yarn for a new pair. Guess I've been doing more with my hands than I thought! I also need to go fiber shopping for a project for work, oh darn. 
As for me this week each day had its quirks. Long, punchy, busy and overwhelmed. Eve was as good as always even if it is never long enough for me. Day was odd. A couple of years ago we stopped doing gifts on Eve and even though it makes sense I still didn't like it at the time. With the girls not really needing or wanting anything we did the same with Day this year. Didn't realize before how much I enjoy gift giving. The shift from the material to the things that truly matter is how it should be. Time, Laughter, and Love are immeasurable, I simply didn't expect how changing things would feel. Something to get used to in the coming years.
This week! More time together, boosters, movies, and a list of things to take care of with Amanda here. Thank you 2021. The last six months have been an unexpected blessing that I plan to build a future upon. Breathe, love, rest, take care of YOU and I'll see you next year ;)

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