The lusty month of may

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It might actually be possible that spring has truly arrived this first day of May. My tree in front has budded out, I've had the window open at night for the breeze and if the time is just right the sun and prisms play across my ceiling and wall for a bit. The kids think of JT when the first of May rolls around, but my song is from a different time.
What did we do this last week? Serra survived the car wash fundraiser last Saturday and had a good one. It was full of jazz band practice for their spring concert and logging tutoring hours to fulfill her Science Honor Society requirements. She has found that standing for extended periods of time and long walks are still tough on the surgically repaired knee but that it is much better than it was before. I think we are going to have to plan some walking this summer to keep improving it. She has also found yin yoga this quarter and loves how relaxing it is. I hope she keeps it going after the year ends.
Amanda barely survived the writing of an 84-page technical paper with her IED group. Two of the five members had serious time management issues which almost drove her over the edge. She finished up her final psychology assignment yesterday and has two finals this week before flying back. It has been a great semester for her. She has a tutoring gig lined up for the summer along with getting the I-persist position again for the fall. 
All of my looms are naked! I finished Flynn up last week and the towels on Susan this week.
It's amazing what changing the weft color does to a design. At first, I thought the dark purple would be overwhelming, but it turned out to be my favorite pair from the run. These will now get washed and hemmed. I need to get everyone dressed again to start getting ready for the Art in the Park event in August. 
I have also been on a spindle kick lately! I was able to score this one from a maker in Germany.
It is by Christoph Holzwolly Nigg. Occasionally he puts spindles up for lottery on his FB page and if you get chosen you win the chance to buy it. This is the first time I have commented on his spindles because I love the color combination and won! 
This pair I purchased from IST Crafts in the UK.
The light one is London Plane and the dark one is English Bog Oak. Ian places a bit of brass in the ends of the wings on the Turkish design to help with the balance.
I also finished the 4th ounce of Opal and now have a chunk of plying to do!
The four spindles on the right are the Opal colorway that will be plied with a 120/2 black silk. The three spindles on the left are part of the Sunset colorway, all from Greenwood Fiberworks
As for me the week got better as it went along and I feel good. Need to keep improving things with work and glad that I have found some time in the studio again. Someone will get a good kick out of this; I've been trying to listen to The Universe more and not push so hard. Maybe I'm finally learning that things will fall into place if I am patient. I've been told for many years that I am not. Things feel good right now and there is time for them to be this way. So, another resting spot on the path to keep learning in. 
Next week! Lots to do! More practice and tutoring for Serra, finals and packing for Amanda, work, craft, and shopping for me. Breathe, dance, feel, Love, hope and I'll be back next week ;)

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