The Mundane and the Magical

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The laundry is spinning and clean dishes have been put away. Sunday is one of those limbo type days that sits outside of standard time for me because of how we spend it. Sundays are both ends of the circle here, finishing out tasks from the week before and preparing for the week ahead.
Things have felt very cyclical lately and in some ways that's good. Routine gives balance and security that establishes an expected foundation. You always know what's coming. However I will admit that sometimes it's also horribly boring, especially when I don't see the baby step progress that I'm hopefully making. This last week was not one of those!
This last week saw the company of dear friends, Opening Day Baseball and fun at the Interweave Yarn Fest.
This was the first time that I took a class at the weekend event. John Mullarkey taught a class on Tablet Weaving which of course is something that I've always wanted to try as I've never understood how the cards work in concert with the threads.
In the morning we learned about the structure, differences from inkle weaving and how to warp and thread the cards to gain the desired pattern. After lunch we got to weave and play with the pattern, being able to alter it on the loom without having to rethread along with other tips and tricks. It was great fun and I'm glad that I took the opportunity to attend the class.
I didn't pay much attention to the calendar when I registered for John's class thinking that Baseball wouldn't start until April. While I didn't get to see the Mets or the Cubs win their season openers I did get home in time for Boston's.
Chili Cheese dogs and a Boston beer for Opening Day. Sadly the Mariners decided that Chris Sale was throwing beach balls and ended his day early. The Red Sox season started with a loss, but it's only one of 162 and a long summer ahead.
You can't have an event like Yarn Fest without a trip to the Marketplace! Friday saw me back there to see some of my favorite people and spend money.
First stop, Skaska Designs to visit Galina and George. I picked up some laceweight cashmere and two more spindles as she is the one I learned bowl spinning along with Orenburg lace knitting from. Next Greenwood Fiberworks as I love their yak silk blends for spinning.
Last but certainly not least, Redfish Dyeworks *swoon*
I love the fibers and colors in Elf's booth. She is also the one I get my crazy tiny silk from which she remembered, directly pointing out where the 60/2 silk was at and that there was more in the bin behind it that I could get into if I wanted. I dropped my other bags and went to play. I dug in bins, pulled out different colors, answered weaving questions for others that came in, showed pictures, pretty much had fun.
More 60/2 silk, another color wheel of 20/2 silk, some 120/2 silk that I like to use for stitching, a few skeins of 2 ply 50% merino, 50% silk to do some knitting with and a skein of silk sock that knows what it will become. Did I need all of it? No, but I now have plenty of options when creativity comes.
So I guess you could say this was a pretty magical week. I got to see friends, a favorite pastime came back and I learned something new. Thing of it is not all weeks can be jam packed like this last one was. We need both the Mundane and the Magical. Trick is finding the opposite in each of them. Just because a week is magical because it's different than the others there are still mundane things to be done like the dishes and the laundry. Same goes for those mundane weeks, the magic is smaller. A smile, a message, a song, it's still there you just have to look. 
This week is back to routine and a couple of things I don't want to but have do. I hope that you find some magic this week, no matter how small :)

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