The season of transitions

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The world outside is bright with sunshine and green with the moisture we got over the weekend. Yes Colorado had another round of snow. Those of you not from the area are saying "What?! It's May!" While those of us that live here are saying "Yep, again." I am beginning to wonder what the state has against the New York Mets since it happens often when they come to town.
What did we do this week? The last week of school is always the hardest. Not because of subject matter but the lack of engagement and things going on. Monday there was no school at all. I'm either a slacker mom or a cool mom for letting Serra stay home for parts of it to be with her sister. Only two more days next week to get through and then she's off until August. Hopefully her classes next year will be more challenging to keep her engaged. I am glad that she wants to keep up a yoga routine, get back to boxing and walk or bike some this summer. It will help keep her busy and continue to build on tools she has learned this year. Plus, one of her goals is to get me out and about some as well.
Part of the issue with the weather was Amanda going back to school on Saturday. RPI does things a little different with students attending the first semester of their Junior year over the summer to be able to pursue a job or internship for their semester away. Thankfully the trip to the airport and her flights back were uneventful. She gets to move back in today and classes kick off Monday. Two weeks was really short and both of us wish that things didn't start till after Memorial Day.
As for crafts this week time has been spent knitting class samples for The Loopy Ewe. I will be teaching Learn to Knit, a lace shawl and a cabled cowl over the summer. I am also available for private or small group lessons. Art in the Park is starting to creep up on me also. I am hoping the lack of a school routine will give me more hours to create throughout the day.
As for me the week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster coming back from a round of snarkiness from the week before. In astrology, the sign of Scorpio has two representations; the scorpion and the eagle or phoenix as it is the sign of rebirth. Sometimes I get bogged down in the more animal of the two and the baser instincts take over. Or like Wanda in Multiverse I don't care about the consequences. It takes work to be better, to rise above and stay in the moment that is here instead of pushing for the one that is not. You wonder if the fight is still worth it then you come out of that darkness, the emotions let go and you realize that it is because love is all that matters.
Next week! Routine shifts as classes end and the need to clean and organize to find a clean slate to create upon is growing. Part of me says I need more time in the day but in actuality I just need to be present in each moment. Breathe, create, take care of YOU, Love, and I'll be back next week :)

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