Things happen for a reason

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I wonder if the sun was partying on the other side of the world last night as he's a little slow making his appearance. It does make for a soft pastel sunrise which is a great change from the apocalyptic skies we had most of the summer. 
So what happened this week? I finished my project for the Masks fundraiser for the Fort Collins MoA. The rainbow silk worked mostly how I wanted it to and I hope that someone out there likes it. Opening weekend isn't until April but here is a sneak peek.
Rainbow silk
The Masks project is the major fundraiser for the museum every year so hopefully this will help and will be extra appreciated by patrons in the spring.
The girls are hanging tough with schoolwork. Getting up for an exam at 530 am and then the school having the system crap out is not fun but I think my kid has learned a lot the last few months about letting things that she cannot control go.
Craftwise for me, I'm reacquainting myself with a skill.
inkle loom
This is my little Minstral inkle loom that I purchased four years ago from Windhaven Fibers. It's a great little piece to work on to learn the technique.
I also picked this up yesterday. Thanks to Anne for holding the last one at Lambspun for me!
Schacht pin loom
This is the Schacht Pin Loom, believe it or not a style of loom that I have not used before. It's only four inches square and uses a system of pins that the yarn is wound on to and then woven through. The most recent issue of Little Looms 2020 from Handwoven and Long Thread Media has a project on the cover that I want to try. 
As for me the end of the week was not so great. Never accept a meeting on a Friday kids. My full time commitment with KnitCrate has come to an end but you know what that's okay. They still like my craft work and do want to work with me on a contract basis for design and sample pieces. What does this do? It opens up other doors of possibility. I commented on Facebook Friday afternoon that "Things happen for a reason right?" and a friend replied that "Things happen for us not to us." What an intensely positive way to look at it! Did I gain some things over the last two months? Yes, I made some connections, know that I want to be an active part of a team and it allowed me to dream. To start creating in my mind the life that I want to have someday. Did this happen because something greater is just over the horizon? Quite possibly. In the meantime I will continue to improve myself. Tech editing course, the inkle, the pin loom, break out the Mirrix I've had for three years now and never warped. Play with Adobe and Fiberworks to gain more skills. I know there is someone out there that will see my skills and want to have that in their company.
Next week! Lots of weaving! Inkle, Pin, Floor and Table oh my! Time to get the pieces off so that the studio can become a guest room if needed in a couple of weeks. Keep breathing, keep smiling, recognize when something is not for you and I'll be back next week ;)

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