Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Mother Nature decided to shift the weather back to fall after our yearly Halloween snowstorm. I suppose you could call it flannel season. It's not cold enough for the heavy coat yet too cold for just a t-shirt. So, a flannel overtop takes care of everything.
What did we do this week? Amanda didn't have to go off on professors that didn't hold up their end of the grading for a group project. I don't know if this is good or bad. It would have been interesting to see what happened if she had to bring her assertiveness to the table. If she ever gets tired of building devices in the future, she could make a damn good project manager as she is keeping the group on task and on deadline. Another professor she adores was surprised that she does not have an internship and said she is very professional, which made her Tuesday. Classes for the spring are registered for including Psychology of Games that sounds like fun. 
Serra made it to class all week! I am very glad that she got over whatever the head cold and body aches were. She surprised her humanities teacher with answering all of the multiple-choice questions correctly on the exam after missing the previous week. Her way of dealing with the time change is to get up even earlier in the morning for Jazz Band. It is only two days a week, however she is doing the smart thing by staying consistent with getting up at the same time every day. The trick now is not wanting to go to bed at six pm in the evening!
Busy week at work as I had another two-day shoot. This one went incredibly smooth, partially due to how well the location fit the theme. The other part is that we have an amazing stylist and photographer. As much as I love being on set, this shoot was the third one in the last four weeks. I am ready for a bit of a break. This week will be spent doing rounds on an issue of PieceWork and writing product blurbs for an issue of Handwoven.
I got a little crazy starting new spinning projects this week. Roy and I are working on becoming friends with a random braid of fiber from my stash. I was having problems last week as the drive band was wearing out. Replacing that was simple and it is going well. I also pulled out a braid from Greenwood Fiberworks to try something new with on Rumple. The additional ball of yarn arrived for the summer project so that will get going again and I haven't forgotten about the hexie blanket either. I knit half of one last night.  
As for me it was a very full week. It feels like the last four weeks have been constantly on the go. My body showed me how busy it has been with falling asleep on the sofa Wednesday night in the middle of a movie. Something that rarely happens. I am looking forward to a slower pace and some recovery time this week. Spent some time reminiscing the last couple of days. It is amazing how vivid some of them are and I wonder if anyone else sees their memories as clearly as I do. It's almost like a movie screen. A few of them from yesterday were a little grey, not surprised that they showed up and in their own way I am glad they did. Things change, life moves on and I no longer feel guilty for being happy. 
This week! More routine and hopefully a bit more rest. Breathe, be, glow, Love, shed your skin and I'll be back next week :) 

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