Time is a social construct

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Hello September! Fall is inching closer as the nights are staying cooler. I suppose in a few more weeks the fans will get turned off and tucked in the closet and windows will get closed at night. For now I'm going to embrace the cold as it does wonders for my sleep.
Rationally I know that every week holds the same amount of time, 168 hours. Everyone has different ways to spend it based on work, home, kids and other responsibilities. However our own personal perception of the amount of time we have is relative to each person. That being said the last two weeks have felt like an eternity! Amanda is only just now through her first week of college. She is taking five classes along with mentoring two groups of Calculus I students. So far it sounds like Physics II is going to be the bugaboo of the group. In a way I wish I could take her cognitive neuroscience course with her!
 Serra started classes three weeks ago and from our count she has been at eight of the fifteen scheduled days. In fact she's missed enough days to prompt a call from a very concerned Chemistry teacher. Considering she's already finished a 23 page packet he assigned that isn't due until Wednesday this week, there's nothing to worry about. Why has she missed so many days? Well she was scheduled for knee surgery twice in the last two weeks and it was canceled by the hospital both times. Thankfully the staff at OCR pushed medical coverage to allow them to do the procedure at their center and got us in early Friday morning. I think she has gotten more sleep the past two days than she has over the past month and I'm very glad of it.
As for crafts with as up and down as the surface of life as been not much has gotten done. For once in my life I okay with that. I did finish some spinning.
I am now halfway through four ounces on my Russian spindles from The Spanish Peacock
Flynn and I spent some time together.
This is the Japanese Maples colorway that I dyed this summer. The scarf is finished and this will be the cowl.
I also indulged in a bit of retail therapy.
These are wpi tools and a Nostepinne from Muddy Duck Workshop. I saw them in the Fall 2021 Spin Off. They are made from red cedar and are silky smooth.
As for me this week has been a roller coaster. I didn't realize just how heavy Serra's knee was weighing on both of us and the past two days have been a recovery for me as well. Thing of it is that's all been surface life. So much of the time we get caught up in being busy and the frantic pace the world has set. How often do you get down to your core, your center and listen? I realized this week that the past five years haven't been about finding patience. They have been about learning to listen to my center, knowing that even though the world around me is crazy busy and constantly in flux that deep in my core the waters are calm and the river is peaceful. Do you take the time to visit your own depths? In the moments that you are alone and can breathe? When I ask how you are, this is what I am wondering about. Yes tell me about your day and the things going on but also go deeper. What do your soul's waters say to you? 
Next week! Holiday weekend so not a normal Monday tomorrow. Simply means more time with the Tapestry for me. Maybe, possibly routine can begin again on Tuesday. Breathe, visit the river, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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