Time is on my side

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am hoping that things are finally cooling off here for a bit in my little corner of the Fort. This week has been a toasty one and I avoided the air conditioner as much as I could. The forecast says that it's not going to be as hot this week so that helps.
What did we do this week? The big events were a couple of birthdays. We celebrated Daddy and Amanda with Chinese food and their own special desserts, apple pie and sponge cake. We also had a great time at the races last night.
As for crafts I have finished the initial portion of the six ounce spindle project with fiber from The 100th Sheep.
Next will be plying the single strands together. I think I am going to do a 3-ply and possibly use my kick spindle to do it.
I also did a bunch of dyeing! I now have six lovely warps in tencel ready to dress that will become pieces for the Art in the Park show in August.
Here's a sneak peek of one that I am calling Japanese Maples. I also got in some silk dyes to experiment and create with.
As for me this week, as usual I wish I had gotten more done. For some reason I have a very hard time relaxing and just being. Birthdays and going to the races helped with that some. I also have to remember that being able to have time for those things, to spend with those I love and enjoy things with them is where this all started. I know life might have to change in the future but there is no need to push it. Especially when forcing change could make other things fall apart. 
What's on tap for this week? Some appointments, possibly playing with the silk dyes, continuing to weave on Flynn's bookmarks and time with the girls and Daddy. Breathe, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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