Time out to Celebrate

Good Morning Internetland! Things are off to a slow start this morning with sleeping in and Daddy heading home. Thankfully the girls are each in good moods and getting excited for the week ahead.
As for the week that was! I'd like to say that I got a lot of craft done but that was not the case. Instead we did some celebrating:
cubs rox
Our annual trip to Coors Field to see the Chicago Cubs take on the Rockies. Amanda was not pleased with the final score but we always have a great time. Thankfully Serra did not eat too much sugar and this was Daddy's first ever trip to the ballpark. I think we overloaded him a bit with baseball this time around.
Tatted dreamcatcher
I delivered some new items to the Blue Moose including this Tatted Dreamcatcher. I love making doilies but realize that they are probably not that popular, hopefully making them into hangable art can change the view on them.
And we celebrated two birthdays! Daddy's is the 14th and Amanda's is the 15th. What exciting thing did Amanda get to do for her birthday?
Senior pictures
Have Senior pictures taken! It was a good, quiet day for turning 17. Also made me realize what a big year full of endings and beginnings this next one is going to be for her.
As for other bits of the world today is Father's Day and it just so happens that the calendar fell this year the same as it did the year Amanda was born, making my husband a father. While he is not here to be celebrated there are others that were there in the beginning, granted they were playing Halo and eating wedding reception leftovers while I was giving birth but they have chosen to be involved, not just in my life but in the lives of my daughters. I am thankful for those men.
What to look forward to this week? I might actually miss next Sunday but for good reason. Next it might be a post on traveling with craft. Have a great week! :)

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