Time sense

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! How is it only the third Sunday of January so far? Somehow my times sense has shifted, and regular everyday time has slowed to a crawl. Not a bad thing when there are so many things I would like to do and busy months ahead. In many ways, we need the slower flow of time here!
What did we do this week? Last Sunday was a lifetime ago. Amanda had a good week of classes along with receiving some even better news. She has been accepted to her preferred Master's program. Once she stopped fretting about waiting for a decision, the news showed up, go figure. She also received a scholarship that will help. Summer will be very short as the program starts at the beginning of July. 
Serra lucked out with a four-day weekend between the holiday and the cold day that I was glad the district called. She stayed snuggled in her bean and blankets as much as possible. Things got busy at the end of the week with tutoring and jazz. She has a busy one coming up with two days of tutoring, two days of jazz and a pep band basketball game to play at. 
I thought the work week was going to be full of a photo shoot. When your photographer is on day fourteen of still testing positive for covid, plans change. Shoot is now this coming week which is going to make for a busy Monday. At least I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. 
Crafts were all over the place as usual. Roy and I have been enjoying a quiet hour of so each evening spinning and I finished the ornament that I needed to tat again for the shoot. A couple more hexies flew into the pile and I taught five people how to knit on Saturday. With as slow as time feels right now, I even found some for the studio and got Rapunzel threaded.
This is a random silk warp that I had started threading and changed my mind on. Next will be getting it wound on and started although I need to check my silk stash as I don't know if I have black for the warp. Oh darn, I might have to go shopping! 
As for me, things are better. No more emotional road rash where everything rubs the wrong way. Time slowing is good but also got in my head, it happens, something that I need to get better at recognizing. This time sense of days feeling so much longer than before reminds me of a quote: "The days are long, but the years are short." Days do feel long right now which is good because when I look at the next eighteen months they are going to fly so fast. Earlier in this regeneration I pushed, wanting to get to this space faster, now I know we needed that time. To learn, to grow, to heal, to solidify. Now? Anything is possible.
Next week! More routine. Schoolwork, projects, classes, tutoring, rehearsals, pep game, photo shoot, crafts. In other words, life. Breathe, feel, savor, explore, grow, Love, revel in the possibilities, and I'll be back next week :)

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