Too much hare

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The wonderful cool fall weather keeps soaking in at night and we love having the windows open to sleep. Only problem is when the breeze brings in more than anticipated! Thursday night, after hearing some words in my mind, I peacefully fell to sleep. Whatever the breeze brought in decided to freak out the fire alarm at midnight. Talk about an adrenal spike! Of course, nothing was wrong and once I got it to stop talking, we were able to go back to sleep. It sure made for a long and tired Friday.
What did we do this week? Amanda aced her neuroscience exam scoring a 100% and has been pounding the circuits study for her exam on Monday. Professors always manage to instill a bit of fear when they say the exam is only two questions! Luckily, Amanda likes the professor who has said that she will make sure the exam can be completed in the time allowed. A feat I know some of my professors did not!
Someday this semester, Serra will make a full week of school. Can't blame her for this one. A stomach bug hit her on Saturday and took her down hard. Three days of bland food and her special soup finally got her put back together. Yesterday she got creative and made nut-free lavender macarons. She does love her flower flavors and the oat flour worked very well in place of ground almonds. 
Busy one with work as I finished a reknit of a pattern for our new sister site Farm & Fiber KnitsI will also have an article on the site soon. Started another piece for an issue next summer and spent a day at a photo shoot. Thankfully not too many leaves have fallen yet as we were shooting outside for the Spring issue in the fall. Always makes it interesting! Last year, Little Looms Summer 2023 was shot during a snowstorm. You can't tell however because our photographer is a lighting wizard. The second half of October is going to be a whirlwind.
Crafts have been spending a lot of time on work projects. I wrote my first tatting pattern for the PieceWork site. I am now working another one in Lizbeth metallic thread as the managing editor thought they would be lovely as tree ornaments. I learned the technique of split chains in tatting so now I have less ends to weave in when completing rounds. The looms are feeling very lonely, and I am going to find some time for them. It has been over a year and that is far too long. Also makes for a low inventory on the site. Trimble Court is looking for artists again. My friend Melina Be is there and has been very encouraging. Could the third time be the charm? I guess we will see. 
A few bumps and bruises this last week of September for me. Been pushing with things that I like to do and want to do with work and I need to step back and continue to learn. The restructuring that happened is still having its fallout and as with everything in my life I again have to be patient and trust that the Universe already sees where it all leads. With my Chinese horoscope sign being that of the rabbit or hare, my desire for speed comes as no surprise to me. I need to switch sides and become friends with the tortoise. It's time to listen to Master Oogway again and find the present, it is the gift. 
Next week! Circuits exam for Amanda, more Frankenstein for Serra, and finding the right pace again for me. Hopefully the new month will help with being more methodical and productive. Breathe, relax, be in the moment, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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