Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Well, the temperatures are not quite agreeing that it is fall yet with our fifty degree swings every day, but the trees are. It has only taken a few short weeks for the foliage outside my window to change from lush green to gold to almost bare. One thing I do love about my schedule this time of year are the beautiful colors at sunrise.
What have we been up to this week? It was the start of the second quarter for Serra. She had a musical week as Jazz band rehearsals began, and the concert bands had a guest clinician for three days. First time ever she has been told to "play louder" and "fill up the horn" by a director which makes me happy. She took one day off for a bit of rest and is now a member of the World Language Honor Society for her French studies. Her driving skills are greatly improving along with her comfort behind the wheel. Her goal is to have her license by her birthday.
Amanda finally gave in to her sore throat and stopped into the health center on campus. No big bug and no strep, just a cold that has its symptoms out of order. I was thrilled that they listened to her about the strep test. Thankfully she feels fine this week and is still getting out and about with going to Physiology lab at Albany med and hitting the weekly farmer's market downtown. They sound like a weekly Taste of Fort Collins as yesterday's lunch was street crepes! 
Work this week saw two days spent at a photo shoot, holding light reflectors, ironing handwovens, moving furniture, handling props and putting away projects. I think this issue is going to be stunning because of the use of light. Next week will be a little quieter with writing, web postings, meetings, and product hunting which is dangerous! I find things that are good for the different issues but also things that I want.
When I found this combination I couldn't help myself. A drop spindle, lucet, and naal all made of lacewood from TF Woodcraft. I can't wait to try each of them as I have never used a lucet or naal before. 
Crafts this week has been a lot of knitting as Serra requested an item for her Christmas gift. I worked out how to do it in my head from a previous pattern that I used to make when she was younger and so far, it is working out perfectly. I am simply hoping that I ordered enough yarn! I also saw the new Starflower pattern from Tin Can Knits on Insta and fell in love with it! Considering I have yarn to spare I picked out a rainbow.
I see a giant afghan in my future. Most of these colors are still available here. One of the motifs only took a couple of hours so this will be a fun break-from-other-adventures type project with no rush to be finished anytime soon. I also plan to make it much larger than any of the included diagrams.
For me, it was a solid week. Working on photo shoots is one of my favorite parts of my job as I love seeing how the projects are transformed. It seems to be a bit of a season for transformation as well. New haircut last month, new glasses this week, new responsibilities coming. A new thing I am working on for myself is self-talk. Not over the top crazy positivity all of the time but rather reminding myself of things I have been told instead of allowing myself to think the opposite. That I am worthy, and I can do this. That I am supported and loved. It's tough sometimes doing that inner work, but that is also where the transformation happens. 
Next week! The last full week of October. More driving and Jazz for Serra, getting rid of her cough and studying for Amanda. For me? Knit doctor day, second session of a Learn to Knit class and more work on myself. Breathe, feel, find your center, glow, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :) 

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