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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Actually slept in some today and saw the sunrise from my bedroom rather than out my back door a couple of hours later. Snow from a few weeks ago is all gone but there is a bite to the air in my little corner of the Fort.
Another week of 2021 is in the books with things looking very similar to the end of 2020. Serra is doing her best to keep herself occupied during online classes. It's tough when you already know or understand the material. She has made many bracelets while she takes care of business here in our dining room/ classroom/ band hall. Amanda has finally received move-in information and travel plans are set. Thankfully there is no weather in sight for her travel day even though she doesn't get much time before classes start. She was also able to get into another class that she was on the waitlist for so that makes her happy.
Crafts this week were full of things that I can't share! Secret projects are tough because of that sometimes. I finished the Christmas Ornament for Just Cross Stitch magazine. Here are the links for 2019 and 2020 issues. I believe the holiday issue will be available in October. Susan at Treenway Silks was great in sending me a couple of new colors for this year's design. She has a new natural dyed set of silks that I would love to use in a design. Maybe some sketching with my happy new colored pencils needs to happen. The knit sample that I'm working is coming along and I plan to have it finished in the beginning of February. In this quieter time of year it's good to have something simple to work on while my own creativity takes a rest. 
As for other things I'm reading a new series by debut author KD Edwards. The first book in his Tarot Sequence is called The Last Sun and it sucked me in. You can totally tell that the writer is a fan of Zelanzy. I'm on to the second of the series now titled The Hanged Man. In one respect I'm reading it slowly since the third book of the nine planned isn't due out until August of this year but also because I'm not fond of how the Hanged Man is being portrayed in the book. Tarot interpretation is completely open and everyone sees the cards differently. For many The Hanged Man denotes sacrifice, the need to give something up for the greater good. I see it as a card of timing, of patience, waiting for the right moment. Patience and hope have been a little difficult of late but hopefully some news coming soon will turn that around. 
This week! Crafts and time with the girls as it's Amanda's last week here for break. Lots of favorites to make before she heads back to The Land of No Mexican food. Keep breathing, find the beauty in the current moment, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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