Various roller coasters

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining brightly outside today on the new growth of rich, green grass. Do you know why it is so green? Snow. Yes, Mother Nature gave us moisture again in the form of snow this week. The weather went for a roller coaster ride giving us the usual forty degrees of variation and extremes in precipitation. In other words, it is a lovely, typical spring in Northern Colorado. The burning question for all of us: Was Tuesday's storm the last of it or will there be one more hurrah?
What did we do this week? Serra's stomach decided to follow the weather on its roller coaster ride as she was down for a couple of days with a stomach bug. Turns out, it was a lasting treat the friend group shared from the aquarium visit and sleepover as each of the kids was out a portion of the week. Thankfully, she was only down for a couple of days. Her biggest treat this week was the finish of the Sith Lord robe! I spent a good eight hours yesterday working on the hood. It needs to be redone as the shaping is off, however once it came off the needles, she would not let it go. Luckily for me she knows that today is Tapestry Day, and that my sore forearms need a rest from knitting!
Amanda and I have been in sports overload this week with the start of the baseball season and hockey approaching the playoffs. Yesterday our set up looked like a sports bar running three different games on various screens. Crazy part is we could easily set up four more! She has been a great help running various errands and taking care of Serra.
Bit of a slow week at work as each of the publications are in the stage of their cycles that I am not heavily involved in. As Amanda has observed the past few months it is simply one of the lulls that consistently comes around. That will change next week as I have a two-day photo shoot for an upcoming issue.
Crafts this week saw the majority of my time spent knitting on the yellow bucket beast. I also spun and worked on one of my cross-stitch patterns. I am itching to start another but know better! Two of them have been in the works for a long time now and I must finish one before starting another. I have been told that cross-stitch is my meditation, and it was soothing Friday evening to listen to the quiet in my room and simply stitch.
As for me, I guess it was also a bit of a roller coaster of a week. My time sense is massively confused. I know Wednesday was only four days ago however even on Thursday it felt far removed. In one sense, I know that the next four months are going to fly by with the end of the school year, a trip to go on, and preparations for the double Senior years. Yet in another respect, they are going to feel like an eternity, and make me think too much. Even individual days feel longer. I would have thought that a full-time job would feel as though the hours of the day are gone, yet I have more time now than before. There are changes I am itching to make yet they are purposefully planned for the future. I know it is perception and priority of where my thoughts go. As usual, it comes back to staying in the moment.
Next week! A big one, the SAT and band rehearsals for Serra to prepare for the State Festival. Amanda's help in taking care of dinner and transportation as I spend two days at a photo shoot and handle shuffled meetings. Breathe, relax, want, patience grasshopper, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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