Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's a quiet morning as an impromptu sleepover happened last night. The sun is shining, the grass is green and at the moment my only wish would be for the scent of lilacs to slide in through the window. 
What did we do this past week? Amanda is finished with classes and students moved out yesterday. She is on a well-deserved trip with her best friend this weekend exploring Boston. I hope that she is not too bored when she gets back to campus and has nothing to do beyond packing before her graduation ceremonies. What I can announce is her acceptance into the University of Rochester's Biomedical Engineering Master's Program in the Center for Medical Technology and Innovation. It is a one year program that will be all about building medical devices which is what she wants to do.
Serra played a lot of music this week. Fossil Ridge welcomed the incoming class of eighth graders this week and the pep band and jazz band played at the different occasions. AP testing begins next week with Stats on Tuesday. She will have her Biology exam after we get back from New York with Amanda and has started counting down the days. Both sets, until the end of school and until she gets to see her sister.
Work was as usual full of its random things. When you work on five different publications that are all in different stages of development at any given time, random is the norm. I love it. I enjoy every day being different and getting to use my skills. I did finish the project for Spin Off with a four-hour knitting marathon yesterday! That close to the end, I didn't want to put it down. Next will be a smaller knit for PieceWork that might wait until next month as files will soon be ready for review with the fall issue.
With so much crafting time spent for work, not much happened on my projects. I did spend some time with Rumple spinning some fine merino/bamboo fiber that was buried in the stash and pulled out my paco and spindles.
I splurged a bit on some fiber this week too. Allons-y Fiber Arts had a tenth anniversary update, and I couldn't help myself.
The colors are amazing, and the fiber is 70% Hogget Haunui New Zealand Halfbred extra fine wool and 30% Mulberry Silk. I've never spun this fiber before and OH my fingers when I reached in the bag to touch it! It is going to be an absolute delight. Considering all of the fiber in the closet, it's time to figure out what some of it wants to be. 
As for me, it was a good week with only a few unexpected bumps along the way. Thing is, those little bumps are life. What has improved is my response to them. Before they would upset the whole apple cart. Now, I've learned how to ride with them. Patience is still lacking, and that might just be my natural state. What has changed is my thinking. Parts of my life I thought I had to wait for are already here, and always have been. 
Next week! A bit more waiting. Amanda will have plenty of free time and hopefully get some news about the next step in her journey. Serra has her AP exam and hopefully less monotony. I get to do all the things. Most especially being right here, right now, in this life. Breathe, glow, smile, be, Love, relax in the moment, and I'll be back soon :) 

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