Walking the razor's edge

Good morning and Happy Sunday to all of you! Last week here in the Fort we managed to have rain, snow, sun and hail all in one day!
Thankfully it wasn't large enough hail to do any damage to us and reminded me of the Dipping Dots ice cream that the girls love to get at the ballpark. The sun is out and the sky is blue so far today. The girls and I have decided that our little corner of the world has five seasons, summer, fall, winter, false spring and spring. Maybe we can finally have a bit of spring and enjoy the lilacs around town.
It's tough to find things to talk about when so many of my projects are currently mid stream and hush-hush! I can tell you that the first part of a publish project is complete and Monday will be spent doing what I consider the hard part: the paperwork. It's easy for me to make and create something, organizing my notes into proper language and format for publishing is where I struggle. Susan and I are getting along much better and the first watercolor is woven. I still have a lot of warp to go to before I can move on to the next step. Now I just have to decide what to paint next. Rapunzel is getting another warp of fine silk for yet another idea that has been inspired from an unlikely source: baseball. I'm just glad that I double checked how much black silk I had before winding the whole thing as I would have been about 500 yards short!
I'm finding that life is a constant battle of balancing forces. A perfect example of this is my calendar.
What you see before you in grand colorful display is what I call "mapping the summer." I draw out the summer and fall months in a calendar and color code (remember, I love pens) everything that is going on, not so that I can get it here faster but so that I can be sure to not miss a thing and make sure everything gets done, especially with this being Amanda's senior year and Serra's last in junior high. I want to share my projects because I'm excited about them yet they have to be finished. Fight for your dreams, but also, be patient and good things will come to you. It makes me think of the line from X-Men First Class where Charles is helping Erik "You know, I believe that true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity." Balance between pushing too hard and not enough. That's what I'm working on in all aspects of myself. As for today's balance there's yarn to rinse as I dyed three more colors yesterday and the Tapestry to work on and meditate with.
Enjoy the week and if you are celebrating today remember it's the little things you do every day that matter not the once a year stuff :)

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