Weathering the storms

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I have a bit of multitasking going on at the moment as I want to write and have English Muffins for breakfast. One of the good things about getting up early consistently is having extra time. Granted, there are also times in the evening where I think it is later than it actually is! Mother Nature got angry that we did not enjoy her spring snow and scared the crap out of Serra and I with her thunderous complaints on Friday before the rain began. I'll take all the rain we can get to avoid wildfires this summer.
What a week it was! I know it was only one, but it felt so much longer. I think Amanda felt just about every emotion possible. Shock, sadness, excitement, relief, exhaustion, you name it, she probably felt it. Capstone presentations were Wednesday, and the day went better than anticipated. This semester she finally got to build a device and that is exactly what she wants to do in real life. I am so glad that she loved doing it. She has also worked on it for six months straight and was ready to be done. One last final on Monday and her undergraduate career is complete.
Serra also ran her own gauntlet of emotions for different reasons. A touch of senioritis combined with the push from teachers to AP testing rather than regular class makes for a volatile combination. Completing three days' worth of homework in thirty minutes makes it difficult to spend the day at school. Counting down the days, a bit of college things to do, and culinary class are helping. 
Things at work have been busy with files to read, files coming in and photo shoots to prepare for. I am also spinning for a project for Spin Off which has filled up a big chunk of time. The yarn is almost finished and then it will be time to knit! I am also working on improving my skills by taking a copyediting course through Front Range.
With all of the spinning happening, not much has happened with my own crafts. I have noticed that when I have a deadline I tend to fixate on the project until it is complete. Sounds like I need to create deadlines for my own work to get some things done! More Fair Isle students were released into the wild yesterday and it's time to get more classes set up with The Loopy Ewe. I need to do some pattern writing along with class descriptions to get up on the website. 
So how did I weather the storms this week? Surprisingly well. I was able to keep an even keel while offering a supportive ear, tucking in a blanket, and gently teasing when the situation called for it. It was a week full of waves of emotions that ranged from sorrow and deep topics to relief, joy, anticipation and life. Seven years ago, I was scared and wasn't sure this kind of life was possible. At the time, I was an uncaged bird that still felt the gilded bars and walked in the same dimensions of that cell. Now? So much more is possible. 
Next week! Hopefully an emotionally calmer one. It's not the eye of storm, more like a nesting phase, the quiet inner cocoon before the emergence. Breathe, feel, share, seek, Love, soak in today, and get ready to soar :)

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