Weaving a life

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! So far the weather and the calendar are fighting in my little corner of the Fort as we are still having warm days and cool nights. It's also time change weekend. My biggest relief with this is that it no longer happens on Monday morning! We never knew it was coming when I was a kid. Serra is being lazy and enjoying the extra hour in bed. I don't mind it so much when getting up early gives me views like this:
Granted I won't see Orion in the morning unless I get up even earlier but this isn't so bad.
This past week! It was a quiet one for Serra with school cruising along. She earned her academic letter as a Freshman last year but has no interest in getting a letter jacket to place it on. A class ring however? She is all about the bling! Her English teacher is doing a great job making thing interesting as it used to be her least favorite subject. The class started a creative writing unit and Serra is all over it. 
It sounds like Amanda survived her overloaded week with assignments in each of her five classes coming due. I'm sure I'll hear more about it tonight. The season four premiere of Yellowstone happens tonight and we have figured out a way to watch it together and facetime as well. Season three left us at quite the cliffhanger so we are excited to see what happens!
As for crafts and work this week I have been aiming to find balance. A little bit of time everywhere to keep all things going. Spent some time in the studio working on the Vormir colorway to have finished for the November market, a crochet project for an upcoming issue, and a learn to knit class to teach all kept me on my toes. Saturday saw the cashmere/silk get finished on Rumple the wheel and the Diamond colorway is now getting plied. It might be the finest yarn I've spun yet. 
As for me November has started out good and happy is a thread that is being woven into myself more often. It feels good to not feel guilty about it anymore. Society has taught for the seventy years that to live the American Dream you had to check off boxes; get married, own a house, have kids, have a stable job. All of those things made you a good little member of civilization. Thankfully my mom broke some of that with me, stressing education and working creatively from home. Amanda is teaching me more of it with not looking for someone outside of myself to complete me. I live an unconventional life that doesn't check off those boxes but you know what? I'm happy and I don't know that I've ever felt this much before because of it. I guess what I'm trying to say is find what fills you up even if it doesn't match with what you were taught life should be.
Next week! More of the threads that weave together to create my life. Craft, work, lessons, my girls and all the threads that are a part of me. Breathe, think unconventionally, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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