Welcome to summer

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Things are bright and sunny outside this morning after a week of unusual thunder and lightening storms. I have enjoyed the rain and the clouds and laughed at the girls when the thunder made them jump.
What have we been up to? The complex has been getting an update over the last few weeks and the painters got to our building this week. I happen to like the new paint scheme and had to giggle when I saw that the doors are now Tardis Blue! No, it's not bigger on the inside but I'm planning to change that.
The Ogee Shawl is now available! It uses two skeins of 100% SW merino laceweight from  Juliespins that can be found at her Etsy shop or at The Loopy Ewe.
I also spent some time with Susan this week weaving more Overshot pieces for my Autumn collection.
These are a blend of Tencel for the warp and Prism (50% merino, 50% silk) from Lambspun for the weft. Lambspun dyes this in house making each piece one of a kind as they never repeat colorways.
As for other things this week, having finished two deadline projects I'm in a bit of a slump. Max and Flynn will get some attention as they are both threaded and a couple of pieces that I want to knit are stuck on their shaping so that is taking some thinking. While I let my brain percolate some I've been tackling the house. Most times when summer rolls around we need a break from the constant go or have travel plans and don't get the chance to make changes here. This time around if we get to travel it will be in the fall and since the girls have been home for school the last two months it feels as if we've already gotten our down time. You can't welcome change without making room for it. It's time to clear out items of past lives that I don't want to revisit anymore and make space to allow change to come. Maybe someday I will have all of my possessions down to a small towable Uhaul size but even then I could easily walk away from everything material.
  Keep breathing, keep smiling even though no one can see it through your mask and keep putting good out into the world. Be back next week :)

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