We're Back!!!

Good morning Internetland! A little late today as I think I'm finally over my jetlag from the previous week.
Our first stop:
Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
I had no idea when I booked the trip that it was graduation weekend. We saw lots of purple caps and gowns and helped a family take photos with their graduate.
We can't stop in Chicago without a visit to:
Wrigley Field!
We chose to go when another team that we follow would be in town also. Cub fan Amanda was not happy with the outcome but it was a really good game between the two clubs.
Next stop on the hit parade:
Albany, NY
We spent a day driving around sight seeing. The girls were amazed at how green everything is. I found it beautiful. The high blue sky like we have in Colorado, combined with a tremendous amount of green. It reminded me of all of the little towns I grew up in being only a stone's throw from each other rather than the 50-100 miles that they are.
Why did we go to NY?
Rensselaer Polytech
A very focused STEM college that is 60% engineers. The campus is on the hillside of Troy, NY and has a beautiful blend of old and new
There was no way that baseball fans like us could go to NY without a visit to:
The Baseball Hall of Fame is so much fun! Pieces of history, stats galore, and of course the plaque room. The plaque room is simply breathtaking. 
Even with the long day of travel and delays to get home the trip was amazing and full of good times and memories with my girls. 
Now what since we are back? Must finish the publish project this week and get back to the gym. Vacation was full of pizza and ice cream and I can feel it. Have a great week and hopefully I'll have more crafty things to talk about next time!

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