What day is it?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Brrrr is the word of the day in my little corner of the Fort. Snow for Valentine's is no surprise as it happens often but -8* this morning is another story. 
What did we do this last week? If the dog days of summer arrive in August than the dog days of winter arrive in February. After the excitement of Christmas, getting Amanda back to school and Serra's birthday things get pretty quiet. Routine has also changed so much over the past year that sometimes it takes a bit to remember what day it is as well! 
I'm very ready for the current craft project to be finished. A lot more time went into it than I anticipated and it's making me rethink taking on sample making opportunities with companies in the future. Most times, as I did with this, you see the big number at the end of the project and don't realize the cost of the hours that go in to it on your side. Something that I personally think needs to change in the industry. Especially considering how much I've been told lately to find what I enjoy doing. I enjoy making but I also have to figure out how to make a living wage at it or do something else to pay the bills and make for me on the side. Thankfully I still have time to figure things out. 
Personally I've been on a spinning kick lately and two more John Galen spindles showed up in my mailbox. I also found something yesterday that I will share more about when it gets here. Been lusting after one for a long time and found a steal on a Facebook group. 
As for me it was a good week. Sleep has been so much better and I've been doing a good job at staying in the present moment. I'll be glad when these February projects are finished and I can explore some of my own work again. I need to do more to figure out the marketing and advertising aspect as well. Doesn't do any good to make amazing things if no one can find you. 
If you are celebrating today's Hallmark holiday, cheers. Personally I don't need one specific day per year to share my feelings. Life can be too unexpected to not be authentic. And who knows? Perhaps saying "I Love You" on that random Tuesday or Wednesday that just shows up might be exactly what the person in your life needs to hear. Breathe, take care of you, stay warm and I'll be back next week :)

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