What do you mean no sports today?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Going to be a bit of a strange one around here today....no sports! Football season is over and Baseball is yet to begin. Nascar fires up with Daytona next weekend and there might be some college hoops that can keep me company with the Tapestry today.
So how was this last week for everyone? Girls are mostly over being sick which feels good and I'm glad of. Hopefully sleep will once again become my friend instead of listening for them most of the night. The PieceWork project is finished and shipped off last week. You have to wait until the fall to see it but it was fun. I also accepted a project with SpinOff this last week! It's my first time being in this magazine but it is also run by Long Thread Media where most everything I've done over the past seven years is also at. 
I got two new warps threaded and one started this last week.
Susan is now threaded with black tencel and working on some overshot. The green is prism from Lambspun. It is a blend of 50% merino and 50% silk that is dyed in house and I have a ton of it! I have an over the door shoe organizer that holds the skeins so that I can see them and be inspired. I'm thinking that these would be good autumn pieces as they will still be lightweight but warmer than some of the tencel and silk that I usually work with.
Flynn and I hung out yesterday with a tencel warp that I dyed last spring.
wound on
He's now wound on and ready to be dented and tied. This is the first time I've dyed a warp and I hope it comes out the way I'm thinking it will. Sometimes I have to remind myself that every project is a learning experience and the first one might not be perfect straight off the bat. 
An idea that has been floating around here the last few months is intent. It was talked about with my Watercolor Tapestries, with the Monet exhibit and now even more in building on some of my techniques and the SpinOff project. I'm finding that even if takes longer than I want putting intent and deliberate thought behind an idea or project makes it comes out better and closer to ideal in end. 
What's on tap for this week? I have got to get pictures taken! Photography is not my strong suit but if I don't get things up on the website I can't be upset about them not selling. I hope that you have a mindful week and hug someone you love, NOT because of the Hallmark holiday on Friday but because you genuinely care about them every day :)

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