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Good morning and welcome to a long holiday weekend. Hopefully here in the Fort we are done with our wacky weather and on to true spring. The girls have a couple more funsy days of school filled with yearbook signing, locker cleaning and general silliness before being out for a few weeks. "A few weeks?" you say. Summer is short here with Amanda taking two online summer classes and music commitments coming in July. Thankfully these start just about the time they start to get bored. 
So what to talk about when you don't have anything to talk about? I'm still working on yarn colors and keep having to remind myself about the dye class that I'm going to at the Estes Park Wool Market. I'm working on another publish project for a magazine that is due in July and I'm going to get myself working on publishing more of my own patterns that are knitted but not written up yet here. One thing I learned this last week is that I don't think about business they way that the majority does. After a session at the Small Business Development Center here in town I realized that I have to figure out what my way is rather than following what the norm is. It might take longer but part of this journey is learning patience and about myself. Biggest thing I need to do is figure out how to reach more people. Realized this week that I'm not as in control of my own emotions as I had previously believed and I need to let go of things that are not in my control.
What's on tap this week? Going to work on getting organized and creating goals. In March I made a list of things to get done in April and May, only two items are left. This tells me that my lists are good things and help. Have a great holiday and end of May :)

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