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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Tired this morning after an eventful week. I probably should have turned the alarm off. Thing is, I still woke up as usual. It also lets me watch the heavens shift from a vivid, electric blue to our happy shade of sky. Temperatures have been in the sixties and make me want to break out the shorts!
What did we do this week? Amanda finished up her schoolwork and went grocery shopping as she is now on her spring break. The only thing she did yesterday was cook food. Even with the week off there is still a list of life things to take care of. Easy to do, just a long list. Lots of extra sleep is her plan before jumping into the final stretch and our travel plans are set to go celebrate her first degree later in May.
Serra had a fun week as I let her play hooky on Wednesday, and we saw Dune 2 on Saturday. Short week coming as it is the end of the quarter. She is done with American Government and gets to take culinary nutrition. It is the last class she needs for graduation. Her week will be full of laundry and packing as she leaves for France on Friday! I hope she has a great time and doesn't make herself too sick on cheese.
Work has been very busy as Friday finished up a nine day stretch of activity. This week saw more time at the Weave Together event, meeting the new Handwoven editor, helping students warp looms, gifting vendors with money for more tools, and spending time with crafting friends. I had a little bit of catch-up time for emails before jumping into another two-day photo shoot. This week will be spent back at the computer catching up all of the little bits I have going on for the five publications. 
With so much going on for work this week there wasn't much time for crafts. I did get swatches knitted for a web post I need to write first thing and a bit of work done on the breakfast spin. Rumple's project will have to take a back seat for a while as I currently cannot treadle a wheel with both feet. I finally had enough of dealing with some heel and Achillies tendon pain and got in to see an orthopedist. He immediately put my foot in a cast and orders for an MRI are afoot. Yes, that was intentional.
With it being the first cast ever, I went with the obnoxiously bright yellow. New cast tomorrow that I am hoping doesn't come quite so high up my calf. Once the MRI is done, I'll get an idea of how long I get to wear my fancy footwear and if I need a procedure. It takes floor loom weaving off the plate for a bit as well so Flynn and I will get to work on some magic.
As for me, you can tell it was a full week, and I am tired. When something is wrong with your body, you don't realize how much it affects you mentally. I was so glad the orthopedist believed me and that we have a skeleton of a plan in place for treatment. Getting the travel plans set for Amanda's graduation helped too. Next will be getting Serra ready to head to college in August and I'll be doing that soon with as low as prices are now. Change is coming. I wrote several years and many regenerations ago that 'Change is good, and a necessary part of life.' We simply have a lot of it happening over the next few months.
Next week! Sleep and quiet for Amanda as she thinks there is only one other person in the building. Laundry, packing and a couple of finals for Serra before she becomes a world traveler. For me? Catching up and getting back into rhythm again. It keeps changing of its own accord. Maybe the constant shifting is simply a sandwalk to avoid attracting worms. Breathe, be, rest, Love, soak in the right nows, and I'll be back next week :)

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  • Cricket Toomey

    Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry you are hurt but happy you are getting taken care of. If you need anything I can do you have my number. Heal fast and rest a lot my friend.

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