Where did the week go?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up close to the same time you always do, decide to go back to sleep and wake up ninety minutes later more tired than you were at the original time? Yeah, it's been that kind of morning so far today. Sometimes it is much easier to simply stay awake even if it is still dark outside.
What did we do this last week? Funny, because it was one of those weeks that just flies under the radar. I know we took care of the usual things, work, groceries, appointments yet it feels like most of it was on auto pilot. Serra has recovered well from her wisdom teeth extraction. She is back to eating rice and stir fry again which makes her happy. This was also her last week of sleeping in as school starts on August 16th. Next week will be spent adjusting her sleep schedule back to 7am. Thankfully she is happy with how her classes line up for the first half.
Amanda has two weeks remaining in her summer semester. She has a paper to write today and scored a 93% on an exam last week. Preparations for the fall are also under way. She is going to be a calculus mentor for the Ipersist program again along with being an RA. The week between the summer and fall semesters will be busy with trainings for both. Thankfully she already has a handle on the calculus program. Her RA supervisor is from New Mexico so the two of them will be able to commiserate over the lack of spicy food in New York. 
Crafts this week has been a lot of crochet for a project for work. Art in the Park is next weekend! Flynn and I will be there under my brightly colored orange canopy hoping that we do not get rained on. I wanted to have more items ready for it. Life changed for the better after I signed up for the event and I was not as productive as I thought I would be. 
As for me this week I think everything was on surface rather than affecting me at deeper levels and that's why the week disappeared on me. I am trying to do better with not filling every moment with something and with being in the present moment versus chasing ahead. Life is calm in that regard. Sleep is still difficult because I still wonder if I have done enough during the day. It's probably time to find a book to read before bed again as I have not since finishing Circe and Song of Achillies. 
Next week! A busy one. Two-day photo shoot, appointments and school check in for Serra, set up and show over the weekend, along with a pattern to write and project to finish. Breathe, be, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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