Wool market and the long game

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Cool and cloudy in my little corner of the Fort so far today. We haven't had as much steady rain as we did last week which the girls appreciate. I'm glad the temperature has stayed down instead of jumping directly into the boiling hot days of summer. It is odd weather for June that I will enjoy while it lasts!

What did we do this week? Serra dove in deep to her college prep work. She has her transcripts and SAT scores printed and wrote a rough draft of a college resume with her activities over the years. She currently holds a 3.99 and wants to break a 4.0 with her coursework next year. Amanda's prep for being a calculus mentor is starting. She had a meeting with the organizer and learned that she is one of two returning mentors, making much of the information and homework that needs to be done routine. 

Our big event of the week was attending the Estes Park Wook Market yesterday! I always forget what a fun drive it is. Our first stop was breakfast. We found that a favorite restaurant who was bought out and changed in the Fort is still alive and well with a reduced menu and slightly different name in Estes. It has been ages since we had it and it was so good! Luckily for us, the wool market is a lot of walking to work it off! The event itself is four days long with the first two being devoted to classes and the second two to animal events and shopping.

We visited 
the llamas, 
the bunnies,
and the paco-vicunas.
And as the presenting sponsor, I was bound to find lots of Long Thread Media items.

Just a few issues in there I recognize! Amanda had to find all four signs for the various publications before her day was complete. My wallet appreciated my restraint at not making any purchases especially considering I still have my paco from last year to process.

Crafts saw some spinning with Lou and a couple more hexagons going into the Starflower pile. One late night saw a pin loom square join that blanket. I am still thinking about how to do the joining on it. 

Bit of an odd week for me. Time is still baffling as I know Monday was only six days ago. My perception says it was much longer than that. The week had a high amount of people interaction that was great yet had my social battery drained come Friday. Not the best scenario to have a morning full of meetings in. Throw in a large case of overthinking with a heaping spoonful of self-doubt and you get a cauldron of Turmoil Stew. Serve that up with a couple of large slices of fatigue of the long game in various spaces of my path and it creates an emotional meal. Thankfully I am working through it. I realized the long game is simply life and just like the river it ebbs and flows. The better you move with it, the easier it gets. The only thing I can control is myself, which makes my reactions to others my responsibility. Anger and frustration only hurts me so I will work to be better.

This week! A photo shoot, some college prep, and a couple of birthdays to celebrate! Breathe, learn, recharge, dream, Love, grow. Take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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