A loom lesson and a bit of play

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet here as I'm the only one that tends to get up with the birds that live in the tree out front. They normally start talking about 5 am but the other morning they were the ones scolding me for having the light on that early! Yesterday's rain was wonderful and gifted us with a rainbow that arced over my building. 
I don't know why but rainbows make me smile.
Girls are still keeping up on schoolwork. I think in some ways Serra is enjoying being home, she does miss her friends but is not really big on people in general so Minecraft, music and creativity are keeping her company. Amanda's glasses finally arrived Friday but the glare on them is so bad that they are almost no help at all. I thought they were supposed to have a coating so I'll be double checking and getting that fixed.
Crafting almost saw the pocket silks finished. I'm on #5 and it looks like TIE fighters. Woven patterns are the combination of three things: threading, treadling and tie up. Threading is the order in which the threads are placed through the harnesses or shafts of the loom. Treadling is the order in which the harnesses are raised or lowered to allow for the shuttle or weft to pass through the warp threads. Tie up is which shafts are lifted during the treadling sequence. It's called a tie up because on floor looms the harnesses are tied to the pedals that are pressed upon. Each of the silks have the threading and treadling in common, the tie ups between each of them are different. 
Snowflake silk 5
There might be just enough warp for a sixth one. After they come off Rapunzel will get ready for the Handwoven project. Considering how shipping is running at the moment I'm planning to have it done by May 20th to give it enough time to get it to California by the deadline. Really thought I would have the silks finished this last week. Time is weird in quarantine. Some days are normal, others drag and you think it's 6 pm when it's really only 3 and others simply disappear on you completely.
Something else I've been doing is allowing myself time for other crafts, dangerous I know considering I love most every one that I pick up.
Bobbin lace
I let myself play with my bobbin lace on Saturday and I might finally be wrapping part of my brain around it as this little sampler made more sense than the one I did last week.
Bit of a bumpy ride for me emotionally with things that I don't understand and my friend and trainer moving unexpectedly to Oklahoma. Lots of waterworks and blue that I think I've recovered from. One of the things you do in unusual times like this is hold on to parts of your past routine thinking that they will be the same when we all come out of this and that isn't going to be the case. If you stop and think about it though as similar as every day is with your normal routine every bit of it is different from the day before. The light, the air, your mood, every thing is in a constant state of flux and when you try to conform it or others to a rigid structure or state of being is when discontent occurs. Fluidity is a form of peace and when I allow that flow in accepting all of myself I'm better for it. 
This next week should have seen a final junior high concert, instead perhaps I'll get out the bari sax and play a bit. Breathe and take care of you this week :)

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