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A treat, a new idea and an issue!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A little later than usual this morning as I finally got some decent sleep last night. A lot of times I go to bed on Saturday night thinking "what on earth am I going to talk about tomorrow?" but then wake up with several ideas. This week saw a bit of a craft splurge as I ordered some yarn for a new pattern, some more bobbins for lace and the big prize spindles from John Galen. I fell down a rabbit hole on Facebook a few weeks ago and found the group Support Spindles Anonymous. They are a super group of enablers and positive people. I purchased one spindle back in May and love it...

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A loom lesson and a bit of play

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet here as I'm the only one that tends to get up with the birds that live in the tree out front. They normally start talking about 5 am but the other morning they were the ones scolding me for having the light on that early! Yesterday's rain was wonderful and gifted us with a rainbow that arced over my building.  I don't know why but rainbows make me smile. Girls are still keeping up on schoolwork. I think in some ways Serra is enjoying being home, she does miss her friends but is not really big on people in general so Minecraft, music and creativity are keeping her company. Amanda's glasses finally arrived Friday...

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A close, my birthday and gratitude

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Already a bit of a busy morning here with laundry spinning and kitchen cleaned up but I'm following the Sooner Rule: The sooner the work is done the sooner we can have fun. Granted fun today for me is having NFL Red Zone on and working on the tapestry so that might not be very exciting to others. What happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? It was the culmination of Amanda's marching career. Two Silvers and two Golds at State Championships and a first ever appearance at Bands of America with an 8th place finish. We're going to be handling a lot of 'lasts' this year but for the next...

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