Finally Graduation!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cloudy and cooler in my little corner of the Fort so far today. I would love it if it would stay that way! 
So what did we do this past week? I got the Knitcrate project finished and written up. Once I figured out the shaping it was a breeze and worked up in one day. It will be a part of one of their September boxes and go off in the mail tomorrow. I'm still knitting on my next self publish knitting pattern that will be here soon. I always forget how long knitted on edges take. It's only 16-20 stitches per row but then again there are a lot of rows. We also celebrated a birthday. With the world the way it is right now we didn't get to do our usual dinner but surprise decorating a truck is always fun ;)
The big event of last week was finally getting to see Amanda and the rest of Fossil Ridge's class of 2020 graduate. The school district and local police services did an excellent job organizing and coordinating the event. 
Lots of regalia! National Honor Society, Graduating with Honors, Mu Alpha Theta, Science Honor Society and World Language Honor Society for French.
French Field
I was surprised at how quickly the ceremonies went and glad that she got visit her field where she spent so much of her time over the last four years one last time.
After getting to share the event will her uncles and all day Saturday we were zombies. It was a lot like the day after State Marching Band, physically, emotionally and mentally wiped out. Finally getting to have the ceremony closed things out for her and this next month is going to be a whirlwind of preparation for college. 
As for me this week has been a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. Considering I didn't really sleep the night before graduation I expected them to leak out all over the place that day and was surprised that they have been lurking and coming out randomly. It's interesting to look at life and realize that it's simply a series of choices and accepting the impact of those choices. I see choices of others that I don't understand because I don't know the circumstances and I'm thankful for other choices that have kept people in my life. I hope that I have taught Amanda how to make choices for herself and to understand the impact they will have on her life.
How are we going to spend the last week of July?! Well it was meant to be the beginning of band camp and high school for Serra. She has been amazing with her ability to simply flow with how things are right now. We should learn this week what high school is going to look like for her this year. Hopefully Amanda will also hear from RPI and we will be able to make some travel plans to get her out to New York. In and around all of that I'll be crafting, leaking and breathing; like in a Falling in Reverse song "So I gotta do better"
Take care and be safe and as my trainer used to say at the turn "I'll see you next month" ;) 

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