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Endings and beginnings

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cool and overcast in my little corner of the Fort so far today, a blessing considering that I'm not ready for the heat of summer yet. Things are getting green and the complex is getting a new look as they will be painting our building next week as part of the continuing recovery from last summer's hailstorm. This last week in craft I finished both the Handwoven piece and the Knitcrate box pieces. Those will get blocked, written up and sent out on Tuesday as the mail gets the holiday tomorrow. My next self publish pattern is written and is currently also in the blocking pile. It uses two skeins of Juliespins. You can...

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Lots of finishes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's another quiet one here in my little corner of the Fort but I think that is to be expected right now with my neighborhood continuing to stay home. I will say that things feel different however. The energy about feels like life is going to start picking back up again. Don't quite know how I feel about it because I don't want things to get moving too quickly and jeopardize August. What did the girls and I do this last week? If things had gone as planned Serra and Preston would have represented Colorado in the National Science Olympiad Tournament this weekend. Instead schoolwork officially ended for the girls on Friday and this next...

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A close, my birthday and gratitude

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Already a bit of a busy morning here with laundry spinning and kitchen cleaned up but I'm following the Sooner Rule: The sooner the work is done the sooner we can have fun. Granted fun today for me is having NFL Red Zone on and working on the tapestry so that might not be very exciting to others. What happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? It was the culmination of Amanda's marching career. Two Silvers and two Golds at State Championships and a first ever appearance at Bands of America with an 8th place finish. We're going to be handling a lot of 'lasts' this year but for the next...

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