Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I think the sun has come up however the world looks very white outside. A fresh unexpected layer of snow arrived during the evening and sky matches. Brings to mind the song "A Whiter Shade of Pale". 
What did we do this week? Serra finally had a full week of school. Between holidays and snow days it took getting to the third week for it to happen. She is loving her AP Psychology course and soaking it up like a sponge. We got in another dark driving session and have only fifteen hours to go. Her confidence behind the wheel has been growing, which is great. 
Amanda had a few things to do schoolwise this week as well. As part of the semester away program, she has a couple of assignments to handle and goals to work toward to complete this semester. All of her East Coast friends will be in classes themselves as of tomorrow, so I see her jumping into other things as well. I will admit having an extra driver around has helped with being on location for work this week.
Work saw a two-day shoot that went very well. This time around I got to push the button on the camera as the photographer was creating just the right shadow on the projects. One of our editors is coming into town for a shoot on a different issue that I will at for one day during this week. I hope she packs warm! 
Crafts as usual have been all over the place. I realized sitting here this morning that there are eighteen active projects in my living room and kitchen. I think that is fairly normal for me. Here is one that was recently started.
I keep a spindle on the kitchen table for when there is a free minute while I am cooking. This wonderful fiber is 100% Merino from Fellview Fibres. Each rolag is about seven grams of fiber and I plan to spin mini skeins and then create something with them. Mostly at this point, I am simply loving the spinning. 
Two more hexagons were finished for the Starflower project.
And the spin-along for Spin Off starts this week! I seriously doubt that I will get my yarn spun and project knit in the allotted time however I will be thrilled if I complete my desired spin.
Remember the Merino I combed? I plan to spin it on my Captain K spindles and ply it with 120/2 silk from Treenway Silks. Something else to keep me busy.
As for me, the week started a little sideways Monday, a gradually got better. I've doing a bit a daydreaming about the future, not in an effort to push it to get here rather just thought and visions of the environment I would like to create. Some Saturday nights I go to bed wondering what I am going to talk about here the next morning and somehow always wake up with an answer. Dream last night made me realize that I am continually shedding layers. Similar to reptiles shedding old skin yet different in that the process is bringing me closer to myself. 
This week is a busy one with pep band basketball, photo shoot, and a birthday to celebrate! Breathe, feel, dream, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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