Maintaining Balance

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I love the breeze and the cooler temperatures this morning. I think summer isn't quite over yet during the day but nights are giving me a good taste of what is on the way.
This week! It was a bit of a wild one. We got Amanda off to the airport crazy early one morning and she finally got settled the next day in her new dorm. After a day and half of more Calculus mentor training and finally meeting the two other bridge scholar mentors in person I think she's getting settled in. Maybe her roommate will finally make it to campus today with classes starting tomorrow.
As for Serra I wish I had good news. Surgery on her knee was supposed to happen on Wednesday. We got the call on Monday that with virus cases in our area on the rise that all surgical procedures are canceled. Not happy news, especially considering she had been pushing the knee thinking that it would get fixed and having it lock up on her on Monday. The uncertainty of when it can be done and helping her get the pain back under control along with my own anger at the world made for a rough week. I try to keep my personal views contained here but really people, shots and masks are here to stay. Life will never go back to 2019, this is how things are now and you saying "My body, my choice" is killing people and hurting others.
As you can imagine not much got done with crafts this week. I spent a great deal of time at the spinning wheel. Rumple (yes after Rumpelstiltskin) is a refuge when things get to be too much. I finished up the rainbow rolags and jumped back into some cashmere/silk that I was working on before that. I've also got my shuttles working on snowflakes for the artisan market in November. The other plate I've been spinning and haven't shared yet is a new job. I am now working part-time for Long Thread Media! Yes this is the company that saved my three favorite craft magazines and I am very happy to be doing this. The position is still a work in progress finding how and where I can help the most but I am also hoping that it can develop into great things over time. 
As for me it has been a great roller coaster of a week with Serra's knee being an emotional hit. Thankfully she is feeling better and will be doing the school thing again tomorrow. At this point it's just a waiting game as to when they say yes to getting us in there. Had my own checkup as well and found that one of my meds is off. Thyroid medication is so sensitive that even a brand change can throw off your levels. Hopefully reducing it will fix the restlessness and sleep problems. 
Next week! Getting back in the studio and putting the house back together. The quiet of being by myself during the day will be a little strange since it's been a while. Breathe, take care of YOU, and I'll be back next week ;)

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