Need the three day weekend to pack it all in!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Hazy and ashy in my little corner of the Fort this morning. For once I'm actually hoping the forecast of rain and snow on Tuesday really happens and the cooler temps and moisture can help get the Cameron Fire under control. 
So much is going on here that I need the three day weekend to fit it all in! Where to start?!
Spin Off's fall issue came out on September 1st.
This is my first time being in the magazine with my Crocheted Peddler's Pack that I spun and wrote the pattern for.
The K.I.S.S. Shawl is finally available! The hardest part for me once I finish a piece is styling and taking photos so I have to push myself to get that part done.
I've been designing from my stash lately and this was a wonderful Bison/Silk laceweight that I got from Lambspun years ago. Lucky for me Knitpicks gloss lace is the same put up and ply even if it is a different blend. It takes two skeins for the main body and edge and one skein of a contrast color for the textured section.
I'm not done yet! I have not only one but two patterns for KnitCrate!
My Cheerful Scarf and Mitts set is a part of the main membership box...
and this is the yarn for my Puffy crochet socks that is in the sock membership! September turned in to a big month!
As for other things, the girls are both doing great with school so far, even with doing the majority of it online. Hopefully Serra's science class will get beyond things she learned in fifth grade soon and next week Amanda's campus opens up after starting in quarantine. I just hope that everyone plays safe and follows the rules. The students being tested twice a week helps too. I have also accepted a full time customer service position with KnitCrate. Don't worry it won't take me away from here as I will still be able to create and release my own patterns and it is remote so I will still be in my little corner of the Fort. They have some pretty sweet plans for the future that I hope to be a part of and this gives me some piece of mind and a place to start building for my future. I keep reminding myself that things are going to be better and different this time around. Also helps that the Universe hasn't sent me any signals saying that I shouldn't do this like before. Right now, my girls are happy and my heart is full.
 This week! Things get started with work on Tuesday. I also have a fingering weight knit to finish, more yarn came in from The Unique Sheep for my sweater, two warps are waiting to get dressed...the list goes on and on. 
Stay warm on Tuesday, take care of you and I'll see you next week :)

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