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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet here today in my little corner of the Fort but it feels like autumn is in the air. There's just a bit more bite to the chill this morning that I rather enjoy. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will continue to help with the firefighting efforts. So what did we do this past week? Serra is doing great with band, even with it being online and thankfully her knee is improving. It's still going to take some time and patience on her part. Her classes are still not enough because it's all material that she has learned before but she is enjoying getting to work on her sculptures while class is going.  As for all...

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Need the three day weekend to pack it all in!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Hazy and ashy in my little corner of the Fort this morning. For once I'm actually hoping the forecast of rain and snow on Tuesday really happens and the cooler temps and moisture can help get the Cameron Fire under control.  So much is going on here that I need the three day weekend to fit it all in! Where to start?! Spin Off's fall issue came out on September 1st. This is my first time being in the magazine with my Crocheted Peddler's Pack that I spun and wrote the pattern for. The K.I.S.S. Shawl is finally available! The hardest part for me once I finish a piece is styling and taking photos so...

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Changes, again.

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Yes I'm back. The weather is finally starting to cool off and we've had a couple of rainstorms here in the fort that I hope have helped with the wildfires in the area. Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek on the Western Slope are finally coming under control, I-70 is open again and hopefully the cooler temperatures will help contain Cameron as well.  So what have we been doing the last two weeks? Craft has been limited but still going. I've been doing lots of edits back and forth with the great team at Knitcrate as two of their upcoming boxes will have my patterns. I've also been doing some spinning for The 100th Sheep. Peggy has...

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