To share and not to share

Good morning and Happy Sunday out there to all of you! Considering today is Cinco de Mayo and the morning after Fossil's prom celebrations I imagine a lot of you are still enjoying your slumber. Looking out the windows and hearing the birdsong might make you think that spring is finally here to stay....never should have looked at the forecast that says snow is coming on Thursday. So what do I have to talk with about today?
Something I can share is great news from Ayelet of Arts & Found. She is the fellow crafter that organized the Arts and Crafts Swap that I talked about here. She writes a weekly newsletter featuring different craft classes and events happening in the Northern Colorado area and features a maker. This week she wrote about me! Here's the link to the newsletter. The best part about the Swap experience that Ayelet touches on was being able to pass along a piece of equipment to someone that will not only use but treasure it.
Jim BruceJim Bruce 2
I had hoped that the little loom would find a good home and it has :)
Something I can't share, what I'm currently working on! Sometimes doing projects for publication is rather difficult because I can't share pictures or say who it is for. One thing I can do with the two that will be coming out later this year and into 2020 is share one of the companies that I am working with. Treenway Silks has provided some of the materials for the projects. Susan is just down the road in Longmont which makes shipping super fast and she's great to work with. She has everything from floss here in the Heraldic Rose Biscornu, different blends here in the Wandering Paths Stole and 100% silk as in this piece, Golden Flower Shawl. I also just realized that it was her yarn (thread really) that I used for the wedding mitts too! In other words....I love her stuff and you can use it for several different crafts.
As for other sundry bits of life….things are moving as they will. The girls are down to one month of school and I'm still doing what I'm doing. Some days I'm not too sure what that is. Yesterday was good, got a lot accomplished. Biggest hurdle is staying in the moment. I created a list of goals a little over a month ago and thought I was doing okay with it, until I read one that says "To stop worrying about things I can't control". Only thing I can control is myself and I didn't do a good job of that this week. Just shows that as usual I have more to learn.
I hope you learn something new this week and do something creative :)

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