A cold, snowy morning in Colorado....It must be March

Good morning Internetland! The girls and I tucked in tight yesterday as the glitter snow started sometime after midnight early Saturday morning. Yes there are different ways to classify snow in Colorado. Glitter snow is super fine, sparkles and takes a long time to build up. Even though it lasted all day and into the night last night we only have about six inches in our corner of the Fort. 
What a roller coaster of a week it was! I attended some of the events of the Fort Collins Start Up Week. The big one being the Arts and Crafts Swap at the Carnegie Center for Creativity hosted by Arts & Found. It was great to clear out some of my craft stuff that I don't use and to share some of my goals and inspiration process there with Flynn.
Monet's WaterliliesHere's the piece that I was working on. The colors in it are inspired by one of Monet's Waterlilies and will be a scarf in the near future. It's about halfway done.
What else happened this last week? Throughout our lives we come into contact with many different people. Some are there only for an instant, like a blip on the radar altering your course ever so slightly. Others are authorities, parents, teachers, professors that make more of an impact. Teaching you morals, skills, helping you to find your purpose. Then there's these two...…..such a part of the fabric of my life that I can't picture a day without them. We got to celebrate 25 years (?!!) of friendship over dinner this past week and it was great. We've been through highs and lows of all sorts over that unbelievable amount of time and I'm very grateful that each of them are still in my life.
And yes I did get some work done this last week! Remember that bit on Finishitits from my last blog? Five pieces are now ready to be photographed and posted to the website!
Two tencel, two silk including the 60/2 project I shared and one is a blend of 70% merino and 30% silk from The Unique Sheep that is incredibly soft. Getting those posted along with website edits, band concerts, and studying for Science Olympiad regionals will keep us busy this week. 
Stay warm today and enjoy the snow while you can! :)

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