Too early on the Holidays and being in the moment

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Temperatures in my little corner of the Fort have gone back to fall which I appreciate, especially considering how early everyone is decorating for Christmas this year. Trees and light already people? Far too early for me especially considering we haven't past my November birthday yet.
So what to talk about this week? Flynn is strung up ready to work on more mug rugs for the Holiday Market in December. I'm doing an all over pattern instead of motif style design this time around and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Rapunzel and I have been getting her dressed with silk.
warping board
Here's measuring it out on the warping board. This is approximately 4 yards in length.
850 threads of 60/2 silk chained and ready to start threading the heddles with.
And here is where I am now. Probably about another 100 threads to go along with choosing the additional random colors that will need to be measured and added before I wind everything on to weave. Adding additional random colors makes each piece one of a kind so that I can never repeat it again giving my work a unique quality. This is a new product idea that is unusual but I hope they take off.
More yarn is here to dye also! Your Daily Fiber has requested more blues and I still need to get this quarter's colors figured out. This week it will be yarn drying everywhere instead of the band uniform that is hanging up right now.
Something that has been rattling around in my brain the last couple of months is a perception. I don't know if it's simply my perception of things around me or if it is more widespread. The thought is this: That a person that loses their spouse can never be happy again or that if they are happy that they are glad their spouse is gone. I don't know about anyone else but this is so not my case. There are times that I think about November three years ago and it is difficult but I also can't go back and change what happened. Life is simply different now and on this different path I am happy. My girls are happy and working on the paths their lives will take just as I'm working on my own. I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm closer to being the truest form of myself that I have been before. These things and being in the moment make me happy. 
What's on tap for this week? Band celebrations for an unusual season, a couple of appointments and yes a birthday. Keep those Christmas decorations tucked away for just a little bit longer for me and see the beauty in the moment this week :)

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