A bit of fun and a big finish!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Fall is starting to settle into my little corner of the Fort with some cooler temperatures...at night at least. School and activities will be in full swing next week with the addition of Science Olympiad practices. So what have I been up to during the last two weeks? Yes I know I missed last Sunday as I was on a deadline to finish.
Last Saturday was Fossil's first competition of the season!
The Legacy Marching Band Festival is one of my favorite events to go to during the season, even if I get sunburnt with sunscreen. The shows are still in their new coltish stages and bands of all different sizes are there.
I generally get so wrapped up in the performances that I don't take pics and it's rare that the Baritones are in front! The prelims are split by class and the finals are open or free for all. Fossil took 1st in 5A during prelims and 3rd in the free for all along with the caption award for High Music. 
I finished the patterns for Yarn Crush and got them sent off yesterday so another deadline done. I do need to take pictures of the finished items. The patterns will be in the November subscription box and you can still sign up!
The big project that I've been working on was finishing the Tarot Watercolor Tapestries for the show at Wolverine Farm. Hanging day was Tuesday and I made the finish line with about an hour to breathe.
Tarot Watercolor Tapestries
The Major Arcana of the Tarot represent the path of a traveler and mark different points along his life's journey. The Butterfly is my traveler and the six pieces are titled: Sun, Moon, Star, Wheel, Death, and Hanging. They will be hanging and for sale there through the month of October and throughout the month I will detail more on the process here. Here are a couple of in progress photos.
Moon Watercolor TapestryDeath Watercolor Tapestry
I don't want to share too much because I want you to go see them in person! 
Whenever I finish a big project like this I take an emotional hit as well. You're pouring everything extra you've got into getting it finished just right, fighting the clock and then it's just done and your hands and brain have nothing left to do. It's not quite like hitting a brick wall but you know there's something missing. Another idea that didn't go as expected added to that feeling. Not getting to talk and purge it made for a rocky week of not believing in myself and knowing that I'm worthy of this path. I'm still working on getting my emotions to run even keel again and to help I started a project for me. There's also some tatting to finish up and hopefully a Christmas market to prepare for so I'll be busy again sooner rather than later. As for this next week there's always more band and hopefully something fun with the girls. I hope that you talk and smile with those you love this week :)

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  • Cricket Toomey

    You are a fantastic person and you are always giving 1000%. I’m glad to hear you are doing something for yourself. There are more people in the I love you category for you than you know and we are all cheering you on. We are also willing to hear about the brick wall if you should ever need someone share with. You are remarkable and never doubt that. If you don’t believe me just look at your girls, you’ll see it too.

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