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A bit of fun and a big finish!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Fall is starting to settle into my little corner of the Fort with some cooler night at least. School and activities will be in full swing next week with the addition of Science Olympiad practices. So what have I been up to during the last two weeks? Yes I know I missed last Sunday as I was on a deadline to finish. Last Saturday was Fossil's first competition of the season! The Legacy Marching Band Festival is one of my favorite events to go to during the season, even if I get sunburnt with sunscreen. The shows are still in their new coltish stages and bands of all different sizes are there. I...

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A philosophical question and a little bit of craft

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A bit of a philosophical question for you: If you leave the house and come back while everyone is still sleeping, did you really leave at all? It's kind of like the hearing the tree fall in the forest or another good one I come across is that the workout didn't exist if the trainer didn't see you doing it. Anyway I ran out earlier this morning for a breakfast treat and some pretties: Getting flowers every now and then is one of those simple things that perks me up. Sleep has been off and emotions sketchy. I always remind myself of the line from Desiderata: "Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness" when...

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Rampant Nudity and Pro-craft-tination

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Little late with talking today as I slept in but considering Sunday is the only day that happens and I normally get up at 4, 7:30 isn't the end of the world. Maybe I'll just blame it on the cooler temperatures and a new fluffy throw pillow. Amanda is sleeping off a 14 hour day of Marching Band yesterday and Serra is recovering from ingrown toenail surgery so I see the morning being quiet. Lots of finishing was happening this week and all four of my regular looms are naked. Yes people rampant nudity is happening here. I'm being silly, when you put a project on a loom it is called "dressing the loom"...

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