A finish, the process and being present

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Three day weekend for the girls here and they are currently taking advantage of getting to sleep in. I probably should have gotten up early the last two days to get some more things done but enjoyed the extra rest. 
What did we do this last week? The ornament for Just CrossStitch magazine is finished and gets shipped Tuesday. I really wish that I could share it! I believe the issue will be released in October and I will certainly post about it then.
Got started on the third scarf of the Monet series.
warpingwarping 2
Here are the colors on the warp board. After measuring I wind half of each color on my "fancy" bobbins and take it to the loom for threading.
Yes my "fancy" bobbins are toliet paper cores but they are sturdy and easy to use. Having the tencel wound up on bobbins keeps the tangles down. This method that I have created makes each piece one of a kind as I randomly place the colors and cannot repeat the order.
In this shot of Rapunzel all of the warp has been wound on to the loom, detangled and had a trim to even out the ends.
Yesterday I pulled the threads through the reed, tied them to the front beam and was able to start weaving. The entire process to this point has taken about eight hours. With 8/2 tencel I can weave about one foot per hour so this will take approximately another seven on the loom along with finishing. I should have it finished this week. Other things to do this week include taking photos, finishing work on mug rugs and editing my knitting pattern template.
As for fun stuff this week the girls and I are going to the Monet exhibit in Denver. I hope to get more inspiration for either scarves like this or more watercolor tapestries. We also have Serra's first Science Olympiad competition. Hopefully this week I can get a little more grounded and focused on Now. Amanda taking care of college applications has had my head in the future and worrying far too much about things that I can't effect yet. Being present, working on both the business and myself here will get me there soon enough. I hope you do something for you in the coming days and have a great week :)

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