A gift and getting back in the swing of things

Good morning and Happy Sunday to all of you! It may still be hot here but summer is winding down. Serra has gone to band camp all week to remember how to play her baritone sax again and marching band camp begins for Amanda on Monday. Nothing like 8-9 hour days of music, marching and sun. So what did I do this last week?
We got to celebrate a birthday Friday evening so I can finally share a gift :)
It's the traveling socks! My girls always give me grief for gifting socks to a July birthday. Well it's not my fault that that's when it is or that Redfish Dyeworks carries a Merino/Silk blend that I love. This project kept me company as we traveled about on our college trip.
The looms are open and will get going again this week. Yesterday on Susan I painted a portion for the show coming up in October. Rapunzel is half threaded with a test run of an idea of 60/2 silk and Flynn is talking about doing a run of mug rugs. 
Also started another knitting project this week. I was looking through stitch guides to find a bit of inspiration for a two color shawl and a completely different idea struck instead.
I've had the idea for a large collection of shawls based on things in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's series for a while now and last summer asked the author for permission to go ahead with it and she said yes! So I've been thinking, planning and playing with ideas but this one struck out of nowhere and was not planned. Thing is it fits and is completely finished in my head. Hopefully it will be the start of a solid run of new patterns.
As for life in general it's a mess but a good mess. Hail damaged cars will get taken care of, dining room is full of school supplies, musical instruments and laundry that needs put away yet I'm calm. Things feel good right now so I'm going to ride with it. Hopefully this next week will be full of more inspiration and smiles :) 

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