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The dog days of craft

Good morning and happy Sunday Internetland! It's quiet and a bit grey here in my corner of the Fort but I rather like it after the heat this month. Tuesday is the day! Routine returns even though it's roughly an hour later each day than last year. I think the girls are ready to be back into doing things again. There's only so much mom time and laziness that they can handle ;) So what did I do this last week? Actually it was rather productive. More mug rugs in different colors on Flynn and Rapunzel has been working away. I love the feel of silk both on and off the loom. These are test pieces for what I hope...

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Inching closer to school and secret projects

Good morning Internetland! I hope that this Sunday is treating you and yours well. The girls have survived their respective band camps finishing out strong with a mini concert and the DCI Championship watch party. Amanda's favorite corp The Bluecoats missed the gold by less than a tenth of a point! And we though State Championship scores were tight. So what did I do this week? Remember that messy looking black silk on Rapunzel? I got it all lined up, tied on and started weaving It's 60/2 silk from Redfish Dyeworks in the weft. The left photo is one repeat and measures one inch. Can't quite reveal what this is going to grow up to be just yet as it's...

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A gift and getting back in the swing of things

Good morning and Happy Sunday to all of you! It may still be hot here but summer is winding down. Serra has gone to band camp all week to remember how to play her baritone sax again and marching band camp begins for Amanda on Monday. Nothing like 8-9 hour days of music, marching and sun. So what did I do this last week? We got to celebrate a birthday Friday evening so I can finally share a gift :) It's the traveling socks! My girls always give me grief for gifting socks to a July birthday. Well it's not my fault that that's when it is or that Redfish Dyeworks carries a Merino/Silk blend that I love. This project...

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