A philosophical question and a little bit of craft

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A bit of a philosophical question for you: If you leave the house and come back while everyone is still sleeping, did you really leave at all? It's kind of like the hearing the tree fall in the forest or another good one I come across is that the workout didn't exist if the trainer didn't see you doing it. Anyway I ran out earlier this morning for a breakfast treat and some pretties:
Pretty roses
Getting flowers every now and then is one of those simple things that perks me up. Sleep has been off and emotions sketchy. I always remind myself of the line from Desiderata: "Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness" when I get rough around the edges so a quiet Sunday is in order. It's the wrong time of year for tulips, the lilies were too open which means they wouldn't last long so roses it is.
What did I do this week? The annual tradition continues!
Mets rockies
Tuesday night we went to the Mets-Rockies game. Not only was it a great pitching matchup to start we got to see the local kid (WY) Nimmo and the great Polar Bear Alonso hit home runs. We figure that we've been going since '96 and think our personal win loss record is close to .500. It was a lot of fun especially considering that I am now in Sports Mourning even with the young football season. Just what happens when your quarterback blows out his elbow in week 2.
And now you're saying did you do ANY craft this week? Well of course I did, it's just things I can't show you! I finished the two crochet patterns for Yarn Crush so those will be sent off for photos and get written up this week. I'm also still working on the Watercolor Tapestries for the Tarot Show. Yes that is officially what I am going to call this technique. Here's a bit of the work I did yesterday:
in progress butterfly
Don't want to give it all away! Maybe after they are at Wolverine Farm I will write a post that details the process. Opening night is October 4th and the show will be up the entire month of October with work from over 30 artists.
Well I think I proved myself from last night wrong in thinking that I didn't have much to talk about today. Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox, a time of balance in the light and dark, don't forget to look for balance in yourself and understand that rest times are just as important as active times, something I'm still working on. Take care and have a great week :)

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