A treat, a new idea and an issue!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A little later than usual this morning as I finally got some decent sleep last night. A lot of times I go to bed on Saturday night thinking "what on earth am I going to talk about tomorrow?" but then wake up with several ideas.
This week saw a bit of a craft splurge as I ordered some yarn for a new pattern, some more bobbins for lace and the big prize spindles from John Galen.
John Galen
I fell down a rabbit hole on Facebook a few weeks ago and found the group Support Spindles Anonymous. They are a super group of enablers and positive people. I purchased one spindle back in May and love it so much that I gave it a few friends. Next will be making some kind of rack for all of my spindles to hang out in instead of just sitting on the bookshelf. Hanging or flat is the best method for them so that the tips don't get damaged. 
What have I been doing craftwise? Even though there is a pile of finishing work to be done Flynn and I have embarked on a new adventure.
This is 50 wraps of 120/2 silk, the larger the number the smaller the thread.
All strung up at 72 epi, that's only three inches wide.
My pyrex bobbins are too small for my Schacht winder so I had to improvise with packing tape, a bamboo skewer and hair tie.
And here we go! This is half of a pattern repeat that I did yesterday with 60/2 silk for pattern and 120/2 silk for the tabby, finally getting to use my Handywoman shuttles. The piece is 3" wide by 1" long at the moment. So what is this going to be? Bookmarks! I was inspired by an article in Handwoven from 2007 and because I love tiny silk I thought I would give it a try.
In other craft news the latest edition of PieceWork is now available and I have a sock pattern in it. The issue is about mending and making do with what you have available on hand. My pattern is inspired by a Victorian pattern that knit socks in a such a way that you can easily take them apart to reknit the sole in case of holes.
What's on tap for this week? Hate to sound like a broken record but more of the same. Susan has a warp ready to continue on the Autumn collection and I found a pattern for Max that I need to wind the silk for. The finishing pile is always talking and a new knitting pattern is about two thirds done. Need to jump back into the tech editing and get back to some of my old routines. As for me, it's been week of rough sleep and too much thinking and emotions. Hoping reinstalling the old routines will get me mentally back on track. 
Keep breathing and smiling and I'll be back next week :)

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