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A treat, a new idea and an issue!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! A little later than usual this morning as I finally got some decent sleep last night. A lot of times I go to bed on Saturday night thinking "what on earth am I going to talk about tomorrow?" but then wake up with several ideas. This week saw a bit of a craft splurge as I ordered some yarn for a new pattern, some more bobbins for lace and the big prize spindles from John Galen. I fell down a rabbit hole on Facebook a few weeks ago and found the group Support Spindles Anonymous. They are a super group of enablers and positive people. I purchased one spindle back in May and love it...

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Change, orphans and balance

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The day is bright and shining here in my little corner of the Fort. A combination of sunshine and fantastic thunderstorms have brought out the green in the trees and the grass. One thing I've done over the last few months with the change in schedule is continue to get up early and I love the quiet and how fresh the day feels. What did we do this last week? Last week I talked about clearing out items of past lives and I have been doing just that. A full car load of donations along with several listings on Ebay have gotten my cleanup started. I knew that 2020 would be a year of change...

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Rampant Nudity and Pro-craft-tination

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Little late with talking today as I slept in but considering Sunday is the only day that happens and I normally get up at 4, 7:30 isn't the end of the world. Maybe I'll just blame it on the cooler temperatures and a new fluffy throw pillow. Amanda is sleeping off a 14 hour day of Marching Band yesterday and Serra is recovering from ingrown toenail surgery so I see the morning being quiet. Lots of finishing was happening this week and all four of my regular looms are naked. Yes people rampant nudity is happening here. I'm being silly, when you put a project on a loom it is called "dressing the loom"...

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