Baseball, new product and little magics

Good morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend. The girls are taking advantage of it by stocking up on sleep. This is our last free weekend until the middle of November so I've been trying to keep it as chill and relaxed as possible. 
So what did we do this last week? Went to the baseball game!
It's been 6 years since the Red Sox came to Coors Field and the atmosphere at this game was much different than the games I attended in 2010 and 2013. Those years it was probably 50-50 on the fan bases, this time it was closer to 80-20 in favor of the Red Sox. It was unreal and the girls and I had a lot of fun. Especially seeing Jackie Bradley Jr hit the longest home run in Red Sox history, or at least in the StatCast era.
In craft news there's a new product in the shop! I've been hinting at something I've been working on since taking Peggy's class on dyeing in Estes that I talked about here. Hand dyed tatting thread is now available and not just any hand dyed but this is in gradients! 
Currently there are nine different colors listed.
I finished weaving the show pieces for October so now there are two naked looms in the studio. Lots of stitching will be happening now to get those pieces done. Those, a couple of patterns and a silent auction donation are on tap for the coming weeks.
While these are all big things sometimes the magic is in the little moments. In a previous incarnation of this current life I did wedding cakes. It was around Christmas of 2008 and I got a call asking if I could make samples for a man to take back to Seattle as they were planning their wedding for the following August in the Fort. I made the samples, briefly met with Adam and made their wedding cake the following summer. If you're still reading this you're wondering "okay what's the point here?"....Every August since Adam has called and requested a cake for their anniversary and always been thrilled at receiving it. For me, it's a simple thing to make a cake, for Adam and Jenn it touches their hearts. Sometimes it's the little things that matter most.
This week will be more craft, hopefully two more naked looms and a singular occurrence for us happening on Friday night. Have a great week and remember that even a small smile can brighten someone's day :)

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