Changes, again.

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Yes I'm back. The weather is finally starting to cool off and we've had a couple of rainstorms here in the fort that I hope have helped with the wildfires in the area. Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek on the Western Slope are finally coming under control, I-70 is open again and hopefully the cooler temperatures will help contain Cameron as well. 
So what have we been doing the last two weeks? Craft has been limited but still going. I've been doing lots of edits back and forth with the great team at Knitcrate as two of their upcoming boxes will have my patterns. I've also been doing some spinning for The 100th Sheep. Peggy has created a new gradient dyeing plan for fibers and I offered to spin up a sample. Yes the KISS shawl is ready but I need to take pictures to be able to publish for you.
As for other things we've had lots of life things happening. Serra is officially a freshman in high school and has survived her first week of things being virtual. I realize that it was only the first week but if it doesn't get harder soon I'm going to have to find challenges for her. She missed the first two days and still had everything finished Thursday afternoon. It's been a eye opening experience to see just how far ahead she is. 
As for Amanda we spent the early part of the week moving her to college. I can't express how impressed I was with her school's move in process and dedication to keeping the kids safe during this time where we are seeing so many universities have major outbreaks. Kids were tested before being allowed to move in, are currently quarantined in their areas and will start the semester tomorrow with a week of classes online. The school is going to continue testing during the semester and are requiring a contact tracing log. Also the county where she is at has had half as many cases as we have had locally so as long as the students are smart they'll have a great semester.
So endings and beginnings. Just as Amanda and Serra are each entering a new chapter word comes through the grapevine to say that others are also entering chapters where we can't follow. Both my aunt and Chadwick Boseman passed on Friday. My aunt, after a long life filled with family and her handcraft some of which I still have and adore. Boseman was a shock especially considering what he did filmwise during his illness and at only 42. Such strength and grace. It speaks to the fact that you truly never know what another person is going through but also to the fact that tomorrow is only a promise; there is no guarantee. So if tomorrow were to be your last day in this particular realm that we consider to be known as living, are you where you want to be? I was asked this week if I could do one thing for the rest of my life what would it be. My answer: knit, weave, make and create. I'm getting to where I want to be. Amanda would break into Bon Jovi and sing "woah, we're halfway there" at the moment. 
Okay, this week...More spinning, more work on a fingerweight yarn pattern, hopefully some good news and figuring out a chart for some silk. Breathe, take care of you and be kind....see you next week :)

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