Happy craft and good news!

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! I hope that you had a great week and get to have some quiet time today before jumping into Monday again. We had a good week with jumping into band camps and getting some work done.
So what did I do this week while the girls played music, got sunburnt and made sore muscles?
I have a new idea that I'm going to try influenced by the dye course I took with Peggy Doney at the Estes Wool Market that I talked about here. To do this I wanted a smaller yarn swift to measure on. Off to Etsy I went and found Hornshaw Wood Works and this absolutely gorgeous yarn swift.
It's made from walnut, came with a bag for the legs and completely folds down and locks into place flat! It is a stunning piece of equipment that will last for generations. Seriously considering a larger one for yarn skeins due to the amazing quality of this one. For this endeavor I'm aiming for the beginning of September to have product available.
I also had fun getting Flynn strung up with another round of mug rugs.
My mug rugs are 100% cotton and are a fun way to sample different weave patterns before putting them in a larger piece. These are approximately 5 inches square without fringe. Why mug rugs you say? Because it's more fun to say than 'coasters'. Looking at the picture from a distance on the screen it kind of looks like a butterfly....
Spent some time in the studio with Susan and Rapunzel as well. Susan now has 2 1/2 pieces complete for the show in October and Rapunzel is having another go at 60/2 silk.
That's about 650 threads in the heddles so far, only a couple hundred more to go before winding, denting, tying and weaving! 
Even with all of this going on here with myself I've yet to tell you the best bit this week! Back in April I talked about the problems that Interweave was having here, thankfully my two favorites have been picked up by Long Thread Media. These titles are now in excellent hands as the original founder of Interweave Linda Ligon and long time editor at Interweave Anne Merrow are the driving force behind it all. I worked with Anne very briefly when I had a job with Interweave in 2013. At the time I had great hopes for the position however the Universe works in mysterious ways. My titles and duties were changed three days in and I truly had no idea what I was doing or a resource to learn from. That along with personal events thrown in showed me that the timing was not right for me. What good things did I gain from the experience? I was introduced to tech editing, my daddy is still here after his heart attack and my best friend and I are still here after rolling his truck. Sometimes the Universe can be demonstrative. I also met people and through those connections I was able to submit patterns and jump into the world of design. Now with Piecework and Handwoven in hands that care about fiber arts I can't wait to submit ideas again.   
Whew! I didn't realize the week had so much good stuff in it! Makes me happy. Happy girls doing the band thing, happy me doing the craft thing. Just so long as Serra doesn't make herself sick eating peaches! Stay cool and smile this week, you never know how it could brighten someone's day :)

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