Holiday, traditions and the upcoming market

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet in my little corner of the Fort this morning. Maybe that's a reason I like early mornings and late nights, the quiet. Not to say that I don't enjoy the busy side of life too especially at this time of year. I'm that weird person that enjoys going out and finding gifts and talking with cashiers and complete strangers in an effort to bright their day. I hope that what ever form your holiday preparations take that they are going well. I spent part of yesterday creating my "cooking a ton of food for Eve so I don't have to cook for three days after" menu and shopping list. Normally I am not the biggest fan of cooking but something comes out for Eve. Daddy comes over and watches me for two days making and generally around 10 am on Eve he tells me to stop but I don't. One it's something that I enjoy doing and two whenever someone says "I'm hungry" after Christmas I just tell them to go raid the fridge. 
Another tradition of ours is to attend Tuba Christmas in Old Town. Last year we were in shorts and t-shirts, not so for yesterday!
Tuba Christmas
Old Town
We braved the elements and guess what? The snow stopped when they started playing. Amanda says it's the power of the Low Brass. We were also planning to get a little tree to decorate but after some shopping decided to call it a day so that will take place next week.
As for the craft front, Imriel and Sidonie my latest colors are now listed in the shop for you! I'm also working on a new pattern that uses Trust and is inspired by the Kushiel's series. Weaving is still going good. I need to hop to it this week to be ready for the Makerfolk market on Saturday.
Browns and golds
I'll tell you what these are next week and if you are local Saturday should be a great day to come out the Old Town for last minute shopping and free cookies ;)
A lot of talk on Facebook right now with not only the year but also the decade closing is the ten year challenge. Now while I'm not going to post pictures, the one that I have from 2009 is really bad, it did get me to looking at myself not only at ten years ago but also twenty years ago. I can certainly say that life was different then! But that's also the beauty of it, life is meant to grow and change and be different. Some times it's good to stop and take a look at how far you've come. I know I'm not where I want to be yet but like the bonsai artist I can make the choices to shape the design. Have a great week, and remember if you are shipping packages get to it soon! 

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